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is a scientific publication of the Babahoyo Higher Technological Institute, on a quarterly basis, that supports the concept of interdisciplinarity. It is an arbitrated scientific journal, which uses the system of external evaluation by experts (peer-review), under the methodology of blind peers (double-blind review). Compliance with this system allows the authors to guarantee an objective, impartial and transparent review process, which facilitates publication, accepts academic articles, results of scientific research, is available to all researchers who are interested in publishing their scientific achievements .

Section Policies

Section Policies Research article Articles must be original and unpublished, have not been published or are in the process of publication by any means. Compliance with this rule is the responsibility of the authors.

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Peer Evaluation Process

All articles submitted to Tecnologi-K will be subject to a review process by experts in the modality of the external evaluation system by experts (peer-review), under a double-blind review methodology to guarantee the impartiality of the process . The members of the editorial board specializing in the topics of the article will appoint at least 2 external evaluators per article. The experts will evaluate the work and give an opinion regarding it. In case modifications are recommended in a specific work, these will be sent to the author with the pertinent observations to make the changes that proceed. The evaluators can recommend to the Editorial Committee that the article be: Accepted. Accepted with modifications. Rejected.

Publication frequency

It is an electronic publication every six months

Antiplagio Policy

The authors of the texts are entirely responsible for the content of their research, as well as ensuring that they are original and unpublished. As a policy for the prevention of plagiarism, Pro Sciences reserves the right to review, through the use of specialized anti-plagiarism software, all articles submitted for publication, using the usual criteria to detect such practices. In case of detecting a practice of plagiarism, the article will be discarded for publication

Conflict of interests

The editors agree not to use the contents of the articles submitted for publication in their investigations.

Open Access Policys

Tecnologi-K provides immediate open access to its content, based on the principle that offering the public free access to research helps a greater global exchange of knowledge.