Call for papers


Call to upload articles 20/12 (2019)

We open the call for contributions, for the second number 1/2 (2019).

We remind you that it is still open, although it will be closed soon, on November 30, 2019

the call for contributions of the second number 1/2 (2019) is focused on the thematic areas

Administration, Technology, Transport Services and Arts.

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Tecnologi-K informs that contributions framed in the field of research are permanently received in the following areas:

                1.- Arts.

                2.- Technologies.

                3.- Administration.

                4.- Transportation Services.

All contributions must provide the following:

Industry information, and authors (If this information is not provided in the specific format, the review process will not proceed).

Letter of transfer of rights.

All formats can be found at: AUTHORS 'RESOURCES

The Magazine is published semiannually

Important All contributions must be sent through this web platform in the established schedule. Otherwise, the review and subsequent publication process will not start, if it merits it.

e-ISSN: In process